The first step, look at the crack, the jade bracelet should be the biggest problem is that crack or love bracelet outlet On the positive side, should be a jade, inside and outside, making careful observations,cartier love bracelet uk outlet it is necessary to even need a high magnification microscope, some small cracks are not visible to the naked eye because of external force gradually become larger. The second step,cartier love bracelet see the love bracelet replica The jade bracelet shape is symmetric, if asymmetry, influence beauty, and there may be a mix the spurious with the genuine. The Dawenkou Culture in foreign inside the jade bracelet round, the spring and Autumn Period jade bracelet is oblate,cartier love bracelet price list the Tang Dynasty is inlaid with gold bracelet. The Song Dynasty, jade bracelet is circular, Chihira Tomadoka, light plain no pattern; Ming and Qing Dynasties jade bracelets, jade has been close to the modern image of the outer circle, inner peace, close circle. To display the precious jade bracelet with dignified neat value. The third step, look at the width and diameter of coils, in general, the ring opening small,cartier love bracelet price corresponding to a fine; ring opening, note to rough. Yunnan Tengchong the jade bracelet,cartier love bracelet outlet ring opening is not big, but very coarse sliver. The bracelet,cartier love bracelet for sale the experts called Tengchong. Vietnamese small, more like Pinstripe, small and thin will be called "Vietnam". Generally older people prefer a coarse sliver, young people like pinstripe. The fourth step, look polished. Polishing is the most intuitive reflect the jade bracelet process level, polished jade bracelet, hand feels smooth, has a sense of lubrication. Bracelet, also known as"Bracelet"," Bracelet "," guard ", is a circular ornament worn on the wrist. The material in addition to gold, silver, jade, is still useful plant vines are made.roland cartier outlet Bracelet long-standing, originated from the matriarchal society to the patriarchal society transition period. According to records,cartier outlet in ancient times, both men and women wear bracelets, married women as a symbol, men as a symbol of identity or nature of outlet uk In addition, in ancient times, people also think that wearing the bracelet can be evil or luck. In the late era of old man,cartier outlet store wearing this fact decorations by many Chinese and foreign objects unearthed confirmed. In the unearthed in Venus of Willendorf statues, small wrist bracelet, with a kind of decoration. In the unearthed in the Islamic bone carving portrait, also engraved with the similar Bracelet ornament. In Ukraine Mai Jin unearthed artifacts,cartier outlet singapore useful mammoth ivory carved with decorative pattern beautiful bracelet. In theVieiraThe unearthed coast Grima Di objects, in addition to vertebrae made of fish bracelet, and shell,cartier outlet online oyster shell,cartier outlet in malaysia animal teeth making bracelets. In about six thousand years ago Banpo site, and is located in theShandongQufuThe Western Xia HouThe ruins of the Neolithic AgeIn all, archaeologists found pottery,cartier outlet stone rings bracelets ancient ancestors for toroidal decorative outlet orlando From the unearthed Bracelet kind, animal bones, teeth, and a stone, pottery etc.. A bracelet shape tube, annular, also has 2.5 circular ring split into two.